Priscilla Ogboru

Priscilla Ogboru

I am Priscilla and I love reading. I enjoy exploring new worlds, interacting with interesting characters, expanding my imagination and advancing my learning, all through the books I read.

It is one of the greatest gifts my mother gave me. Reading made me want to write and share my own stories and thoughts with others and so here we are.

I am an educationist (currently doing a PhD in Education) and live in Cambridge, England, with my family. I was however born in Ghana, which is my home country. I like to work on programmes aimed at increasing access to education and improving learning for young people. I also like to teach, travel, have fun with friends and draw digitally and in watercolour. I love creating.

Priscilla Ogboru

Books I've Written

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Our Satisfied Readers

"Priscilla Ogboru’s charming picture book, God’s Grand Quest, shares the Christian story of creation. Young readers journey with a girl and her cat as they discover the wonders of our world, from the birth of stars to the creatures in the ocean's depths to the quiet hilltops. Each new discovery is a wonder to behold and sheds a shining light on our importance as caretakers of this world. With sweet, simple, and well-crafted poetry, Priscilla Ogboru shares how the world was created in a way that is approachable and entertaining. The importance placed on us as caretakers of the world is introduced well and is especially important in today’s climate for people of all faiths. The pictures are vibrant and colorful and the characters are animated and lively. I highly recommend this picture book. It was a joy to read, and I look forward to reading future works by Priscilla Ogboru and Yvheniia Melnyk."

Tania Staley (Reader's Favourite)

"God's Grand Quest is an informative tale directed at children. The story is centered on God's brilliant plan to create the universe. Priscilla Ogboru did an excellent job of creating rhymes that matched well with the imagery. I liked all the details included in the illustrations. It was a splendid idea to include God's scientific process near the end. The actionable approaches that people can take to help preserve the Earth are another great addition. I like the epigraph and the front and back book covers."

Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr. (Reader's Favourite)

God’s Grand Quest by Priscilla Ogboru is a wonderful children’s picture book about the creation of the world by God. Priscilla explains the various creation components and how something was still missing at each step before the last. After creating the sun, moon, stars, and the earth, God knew there had to be more. Read this book and learn how to help your child understand how special they are and what God expects from them.

 Have you ever wondered why God created humans and what He wants them to do for His wonderful creation? In God’s Grand Quest by Priscilla Ogboru, your child will learn how important it is to be the earth’s friends and keepers. Priscilla writes in a rhyming style that will help children enjoy the text. She also gives credit to God for His thrilling creation. As you read this book to and with your child, be sure to begin conversations about what God wants them to do in their lives. One of God’s purposes for every human being is for them to take part in keeping the earth in good condition. God designed every child and adult to help save our planet by conserving resources and doing activities that help the planet thrive. Priscilla ends the book with seven simple steps that everyone, regardless of age, can do to protect the earth. I highly recommend this book as a primer on being a conservationist.

Philip Van Heusen (Reader's Favourite)
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